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Turnpike Auto Parts signTurnpike Auto Parts is dedicated to bring our customers quality used car parts. We are a full service salvage yard located in New Ipswich, New Hampshire. We have a 10 acre facility and specialize in vehicles from 1990 and newer. Contact us today for more information at (603) 878-1500.  

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Aerial view - Turnpike Auto PartsTurnpike Auto Parts is a state-of-the-art “green yard” auto salvage facility located in New Ipswich, New Hampshire. With customers from many states, we are proud of our high satisfaction rating. Turnpike Auto Parts is your source for engines, transmissions, alternators, starters, A/C compressors, A/C condensers, ABS pumps, airflow meters/sensors, axle shafts, control arms, engine/chassis computer brain boxes, engine cooling motors/fans, floor mats, front lamps, headlights, heater motors, heater/ac control, ignition coils, mirrors, miscellaneous exterior items, power steering pumps, power window switches, radiators, speedometers, spindles, steering column/wheels, stereos, speakers, struts, tail lights, transmissions, wheels, window regulators, and anything we haven’t mentioned! Cars at Turnpike Auto PartsEasily search and purchase any part with our EASY PARTS SEARCH  feature. Or if you prefer, use our Parts Request form for that hard-to-find-part. Need to remove your vehicle from your property? Need to sell that old junker? Fill out this form or give us a call to receive our junk car removal service! Thank you for visiting Turnpike Auto Parts on the web.  We have a video showing our facilities.   Each may take a few moments or a few minutes to download depending on the speed of your internet connection.    High Resolution 720p,  Standard resolution,  and small 320 pixel wide version.  Many engines in stock at Turnpike!

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It is immediately apparent at Turnpike Auto Parts that finding the right part for you is a daily goal.    Thousands of auto parts are in-stock everyday.    Turnpike Auto Parts ships to other salvage yards and to other parts of the country.     A sophisticated inventory system is in place to make finding parts easier, and make getting them to you, quicker.      Turnpike Auto Parts prides itself in being a great business to deal with.      A complete auto parts shipping departmentWe pledge to be courteous as well as knowledgeable and fulfill our obligations by getting parts to you in good shape and on time.     Turnpike Auto Parts is proud to have hundreds of long-term customers.   If  you are new to us, please let us show you how well you can be treated and how much we want you to be another long-term customer.    Turnpike Auto Parts has almost any part you could possibly imagine:

So many auto parts on the shelf at TurnpikeABS sensor , AC belt , AC compressor , AC compressor clutch , AC switch , AC tensioner pulley , Air cleaner mounts , Alternator , Alternator belt , Alternator tensioner pulley , Auxiliary fan , Axle , Ball joints , Brake caliper , Brake rotor , Breather hose , By-pass hose , vehicles’ interior. , Cam gear , Camshaft position sensor , Catalytic Converter , Clima relay , Climate control panel , Clutch disc , Clutch cable , Clutch master cylinder , Clutch slave cylinder , Compressor , Computer , Condenser , Condenser motor , Control arm , Control arm bushing , Crankshaft gear , Crankshaft position sensor , Crankshaft seal , CV Boot , CV Joint , Cylinder head , Differential seal , Distributor assembly , Distributor cap , Distributor rotor , Axels at Turnpike Auto PartsDriveshaft center support , Door handle , The handle on a vehicle’s doors used for entry or exit of the vehicle. , Door seal , Drive belt , Evaporator , Exhaust gasket , Exhaust manifold gasket , Exhaust valve , Expansion valve , Fan belt , Fan switch , Flasher relay , Fog light assembly , Fog light lens , Fuel injector , Gas cap , Gas cap gasket , Glow plug , Glow plug fuse , Grille , Grille moulding , Head gasket , Headlight assembly , Headlight lens , Heater control valve , Heater hose , Heater motor , Hood release handle , Hub , Hub bolts , Idler arm , Idler arm bushing , Idler pulley , Ignite , Ignition coil , Ignition control unit , Ignition Rotor , Ignition wires , Intake hose , Intake manifold gasket , Intake valve , Intermediate gear , Main bearings , Mass air sensor , Motor Mount , Muffler , Oil cap , Oil cap gasket , Oil dipstick , Oil level sensor , Oil pan , Oil pan drain plug , Oil pan gasket , The 3 Enginesgasket that seals the oil pan to the engine block. , Oil pressure switch , Oil pump , Parking pawl , Pilot bearing , Piston , Plenum gasket , Power steering belt , Power steering filter , Power steering pump , Pressure plate , Radiator fan motor , Radiator hose , Radiator mounts , Rear glass seal , Release bearing , Receiver drier , Reference sensor , Relay , Rocker arm , Rod bearings , Serpentine belt , Shifter bushing , Shifter knob , Shock absorbers , Spark plug , Spark plug connector , Speedometer cable , Spindle , Spindle nut , Starter , Steering box , Steering box repair kit , Steering knuckle , Steering Rack , Sunroof seal , Sway bar bushings , Sway bar link , Tail light assembly , Tail light lens , Tensioner assembly , It's the crusher!Thermostat , Thermostat housing gasket , Thermostat o’ring , Thrust bearings , Tie rod end , Timing chain , Transmission drain plug , Transmission pan gasket , Transmission mount , Transmission seal , Trunk seal , Turbo , Turn signal lens , Turn signal light assembly , U joint , Vacuum pump , Vacuum pump repair kit , Valve cover , Valve cover gasket , Valve seals , Warm-up regulator , Water pump , Wheel bearing , Wheel bolts , Wheel cylinders , Wheel seal , Window motor , Window regulator , Windshield seal , Wiper arm , Wiper blade , Wiper blade refills aka wiper blade inserts , Wiper motor , Wiper relay ,