You Pull It


Welcome to the You-Pull-It section. At turnpike auto parts we have a wide selection of cars you can pick yourself! For only $2 you can come in and dismantle the part you need. Saving you the the dismantling labor charge. Before you head out into our you pull it section, be sure to look over our policies and entrance requirements!

Self Service Policies Self Service Entrance Requirements Pricing List

Self Service Policies
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Remember your savings start with using your labor and tools! Don’t forget your tools!

Price List: Nobody likes surprises please read the parts list before pulling your parts so that there are no surprises upon checkout. also inspect your parts before you go to checkout. after you checkout there is no refund only store credit. if you don’t purchase parts you bring to the checkout you will be asked to return the parts to the car they came from.

Vehicle Stock: In order to better serve our customers, we inventory each vehicle in the you pull it section to provide fitment information and in stock sales. we ask that you retain the stock number of the vehicle you pulled your parts from so we can delete the parts from inventory upon completing your sale. also any excess parts returned from a vehicle should be placed inside the vehicle to help future customers.

You pull it returns:

  • No refunds. We offer store credit for any you pull it purchase.
  • Any part your purchase in the you pull it yard comes with a standard 30 day warranty fromt the date of the invoice
  • Warranties are non-transferable, or refunded, when a store credit is issued.

Limit of Liability:

  • Turnpike auto parts LLC assumes no liability for any person or property entering or working on these premises. enter at your own risk.

Self Service Entrance Requirements
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Customer safety, satisfaction and environmental stewardship are our most important. In order to satisfy these commitments there are a few rules to follow to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

  • Customers are not allowed to bring cutting torches into the yard.
  • Jacks of any kind are prohibited on the property. Cars are safely secured on wheel stands to protect our customers.
  • Alcohol and drugs are forbidden on the ground of turnpike auto parts. We reserve the right to forbid admittance to anyone who we feel is impaired and may pose a safety concern to our customers.
  • Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to enter the yard.
  • There is a $2.00 admission fee per person, per day. This fee is used to help offset the cost of yard supplies and insurance. This admission fee is cash only. all purchases maybe paid by cash local check or debt/credit card.
  • Tool boxes and containers will be inspected upon entering and leaving the you pull it yard. any parts bought in the comparison will be marked by one of our staff.
  • Anyone not following the safety procedures of the yard will be asked to leave immediately
  • Any vandalism or theft will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Please respect hours of operations. entrance to the yard will be restricted 30 minutes before closing. anyone entering the property after hours will be reported tot he police.