Used Tires

Tire Rack 1
We have a wide variety of used tires. Come down and check them out! When we receive a donor car, and the tires are still in inspection quality we will dismantle them, and sell them to our customers for substantially less money than new tires! That means huge savings for our customers! Unfortunately we have so many tires coming in and out we cannot properly add them to our inventory system. We do however keep them all racked and tagged in our two tire trailers.


Tire Rack 3

Prices range from:

  • 13″ and 14″ – $20 and up
  • 15″ – $25 and up
  • 16″ car – $35 and up
  • 16″ truck – $45 and up
  • 17″ – Rare, priced accordingly.


The prices listed are minimums, all tires are priced accordingly by brand and tread. Our used tires are constantly in rotation. We always have new tires coming in, so check back often if you have trouble finding the tires you need!


Tire Rack 2